Sponsor a Meal for Spirit!

We are excited to announce the arrival of our 2017 Sponsor-A-Meal program for Spirit of Atlanta.  Once the corps begins our Sprint Training, our 150 members burn an amazing amount of calories every day, and we provide them 4 meals a day via our mobile kitchen.  Add in staff and that is 800 plates of food every day!   It’s an amazing feat, and we take the care and feeding of our members seriously.  That’s why we brought in a talented Executive Chef to work closely with our medical team to ensure everyone gets the best possible nutrition.

It’s also a costly effort, one of the biggest expenses of the summer tour.  We know lots of you are willing to help, so we created the Sponsor-A-Meal program to give you the chance to support the corps by covering the cost of meals or full days of meals during the season.  When you sponsor a meal, our members show their appreciation by sharing their “Thank You” on our social media channels.  You can’t imagine how much they appreciate the sponsored meals!   And if there is a special occasion or special person you would like to honor, you can sponsor a meal and add your greetings/well wishes to your announcement so everyone will share in the special day.

Meal sponsorship is 100% tax-deductible, and there and multiple levels to choose from.   Join the Spirit family and sponsor a meal today!



Learn more about our Sponsor-A-Meal Program