Spirit of Atlanta to perform exclusively on Warburton mouthpieces


Warburton will create customized mouthpieces for the 2016 Spirit of Atlanta Brass line

Spirit of Atlanta’s brass instructional team has announced an exclusive agreement to perform on Warburton mouthpieces for the 2016 season.  Dr. Andrew Poor, Spirit’s Brass Coordinator says he is “thrilled” about how the brass line will sound with these customized products.  “These are expertly crafted mouthpieces with the highest of industry standards for precision craftsmanship. The ability to customize each mouthpiece for our members made this the perfect fit for helping our members achieve musical success this summer and beyond.”  He added, “As someone who has used Warburton for almost 30 years, I have been a huge fan and advocate for these mouthpieces.”

Terry Warburton established the company in 1974 not long before Spirit of Atlanta was formed in 1976.  With such longstanding commitments to music, both were founded on a similar goal of supporting excellence for players of brass instruments.  “Warburton Music Products is committed to providing only the highest quality of musical products to promote the best possible musical experience for musicians of all ages,” he said, noting that “we feel that everyone involved with Spirit of Atlanta has a similar goal with each performance that they give. It only makes sense that we should work together to promote great art in both respects.”

The special edition mouthpieces are engraved for the 40th Anniversary

The special edition mouthpieces are engraved for the 40th Anniversary of Spirit of Atlanta

Terry Warburton’s experience gives him additional reasons to join forces with a historic DCI corps.  “As a former drum corps soprano player, I am honored to be a part of the success of the Spirit of Atlanta Drum Corps. I am proud to have such an outstanding group of young musicians playing on Warburton mouthpieces, and I hope that our products help SoA on their way to becoming the best horn line in the world!”

All Warburton products are made in their factory in Mims, Florida, and include a full line of brass mouthpieces, as well as brass and woodwind accessories, such as the P.E.T.E., THE BUZZARD, the A.T.V., the A.P.E., the Horn Grip, WOODY Mutes, and the Warburton Modular Sax Neck. Warburton also proudly makes a new professional line of Warburton Trumpets, Cornets, and Flugelhorns, and hand-finished saxophone mouthpieces in hard rubber and brass.   More information about Warburton Music Products can be found at www.warburton-usa.com.