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Spirit of Atlanta Presents our 2017 Production


Crossroads represent choice, consequence, conflict, and ultimately selecting a physical and philosophical direction. Standing at the center of a crossroads is a position of absolute potential suspended upon a vortex of power. What direction will navigate that power?

Regardless of our lot in life or the choices presented to us, everyone will be faced with decisions that will lead to more decisions.

Choices that come at the crossroads of our lives are depicted in an intersection of various genres of music, a mix of color and a blend of art. Each act audibly and visually depicts these choices, with no right or wrong paths, only the unique outcome of the path selected.

Each act also creates a new aesthetic, displayed visually through artistic sculptures, colors, and movement that remind the audience of choices made throughout their own lives. A unifying arc of analogous color threads across the whole field, tying everyone together to symbolize that no matter who you are or where you go in life, everyone will come to a crossroads.

No matter where we go, “We are Here.”

CROSSROADS: We Are Here features exciting musical selections including:

Where Am I Going? | Gino Vanelli   WATCH-LISTEN

Wine-Dark Sea – MVT I – Hubris | John Mackey  WATCH-LISTEN

Eric’s Song  |  Vienna Teng  WATCH-LISTEN

Liquid Dance  |  A.R. Rahman  WATCH-LISTEN

Shofukan (We Like It Here) |  Snarky Puppy (Michael League)  WATCH-LISTEN

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