Don’t just succeed – EXCEED!

successInvest_404040 smallSpirit of Atlanta is very proud to announce that we have surpassed our 2016 target for our annual campaign “40-40-40: Invest In Spirit”!   The total represents an amazing outpouring of support for the corps in honor of our 40th Anniversary season.  We thank everyone who contributed to this campaign in any way – and there are lots of you!

But drum corps teaches many lessons, and one of them is to keep pushing, and reach new levels you never knew you were capable of.  Just because we’ve passed the mark we set does not mean we are done.  Our goal is not just to succeed – but to exceed all expectations.  It’s how we want to be ON the field, and off.

If you haven’t already joined the 40-40-40 campaign, please do so with a contribution today.  If you have – thanks!  Consider an additional pledge to help this great organization continue all of the work already done to move forward to new levels of achievement!

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