Delta Group

The Delta Group was created before the 2016 season as a way for people to provide ongoing support to Spirit of Atlanta and their programs.  It’s a simple recurring monthly donation program.  Just a few dollars a month adds up to a huge investment in Spirit of Atlanta.

Originally founded by our Alumni Association, now this program is managed by Spirit of Atlanta itself, and all monthly contributions are part of our annual InSPIRIT  giving campaign.  For example, if you contribute $25 per month through the Delta Group, that amounts to $300 toward your annual total toward InSPIRIT rewards.

There is no more important way that you can support our corps.  Please join The Delta Group today - the baby blue family is counting on you!

Join the Delta Group with your monthly pledge today!

What is the potential impact   of The Delta Group for Spirit of Atlanta?


This chart demonstrates how quickly the monthly pledges add up.  Based on an average pledge of $25 per month, see how quickly the benefits to Spirit increase as the number of Delta Group Members rises.  

Every 50 new members we add to the roster increases the annual income to the corps by $15,000!  Imagine what we could do for Spirit if only 10 members from each season joined the Delta Group?   


400 x $25/mo = $120,000 per year!


The amount of opportunity we can open for the present and future of Spirit of Atlanta is endless.