2017 Capital Campaign

Here we grow!   Spirit of Atlanta’s 2017 Capital Fundraising Campaign
Feeding the members and staff of a World-Class DCI corps is a major endeavor.  Today’s mobile kitchens must be efficient, rugged, accessible and constantly maintained in order to prepare up to 800 meals a day while the corps is on tour.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of our team of volunteers headed by John Brewer, Shane Blanton, and John Black, Spirit of Atlanta’s mobile kitchen is undergoing an incredible transformation that will make it one of the absolute best in all of DCI.  We’ve hired an executive chef for the 2017 season, and it’s our goal to provide him and our incredible kitchen crew with the best possible environment to care for our corps.

Here are just some of the major improvements that have been or are being made:

  • New refrigeration system to ensure freshness and safety of our food products
  • Chilled sports beverage dispensing system
  • Installed commercial grease trap for better sanitation
  • Improvement to electrical system and connections
  • Big box under-truck storage addition
  • Custom designed ventilation and exhaust hood system for safety and cleanliness
  • All-new cooking equipment including a grill, griddle, burners, and a valuable tilt-skillet that makes large-volume cooking much easier
  • New sinks for food safety compliance and ease of use
  • New shelving to replace time-worn and unsafe units
  • Improved storage options to prevent movement of equipment in transit
  • New functional layout for food prep areas
  • Water filtration system for cleaner, safer drinking water
  • Hydration stations to allow multiple members to fill personal coolers with filtered water at one time
  • In-line hot water system to improve cleanliness and food safety

This is not an inexpensive project.  We’ve been able to secure some wonderful deals on equipment and supplies, but the budget for all of these critical improvements is well over $20,000.  We need ALL supporters of Spirit of Atlanta to join the effort to provide the best mobile kitchen possible for the members and staff of Spirit of Atlanta.

BIG NEWS!   Thanks to a generous supporter, we have $5,000 in matching funds available for this campaign!   Whatever pledge you make is DOUBLED by the matching funds!   Please make your tax-deductible contribution to the 2017 Capital Campaign today!