Surplus Equipment Sale 2017

Spirit of Atlanta is offering for sale surplus equipment from 2017 and other seasons – just in time for Fall marching band productions.

Most notably, our beautifully-designed, custom-made props from our 2017 production “Crossroads: We Are Here.”   These 4 sculptures are original creation.  Each sits on a 6′ x 7′ pedestal made of 1″X 1″ steel and mounted on 10″ pneumatic casters.  The entire sculpture is welded steel and extremely durable.   The tops are removable for transport and storage. A white skirt to wrap the base is included.  Priced at $1,200 each – they can be purchased individually.  A discount can be negotiated if purchasing all 4.

We also have a stock of Kanstul horns that have completely reconditioned to like-new and are ready for the field.  We have mellophones, baritones, and marching euphoniums in stock at excellent prices.

Other items will be added soon, as the 2017 season is completed.  Visit the Spirit Store for more details.

See the props in detail in this photo gallery.

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