Spirit of Atlanta Announces Medical Team

Medical Program Manager Jenna Chinburg has announced the complete medical team that will be providing care and training for the members of Spirit of Atlanta for the 2017 summer tour.  “I am proud of the group of individuals we pulled together and look forward to overseeing them as we provide care for the corps this summer. Our goal is to serve the members in optimal healthcare and educate on performance safety and proper care of the body,” said Chinburg.

Dr. CJ Rolison, in his role as corps physician, provides medical oversight for the season.  Chinburg has assembled a talented team of athletic trainers and interns who will provide the day-to-day care for the members throughout spring training and tour.  Justin Ortiz will serve as Head Athletic Trainer, assisted by Scott Martinez, both whom studied at San Jose State University, and both of whom possess experience in drum corps athletic training.  They will be joined by fellow SJSU undergrad Lorena Dominguez. along with Brady Schrauth and Melissa Wood from th University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and Kendra Egharevba from the University of Texas-Dallas.

Spirit of Atlanta Director Chris Moore knows that the addition of a well-trained, fully-staffed medical team was a high priority for Spirit’s continued growth and success.  As drum corps becomes more of a challenging physical endeavor, providing excellent training for the members is essential.  “We are very excited with work Jenna has done to assemble our Medical Staff for the season,” says Moore.  “This highly-qualified team will ensure that our members, staff and volunteers have the best possible care for our season. The quality of life and care for our family is at the forefront of our goals.”

See the complete bios of our 2017 Medical Team in the Spirit of Atlanta Staff section of our website.