Sponsor a Meal


Drum corps members can burn up to an amazing 7,000 calories per day in the summer heat.  Providing our members with the nourishment they need on tour costs well over $100,000 each season, and is one of our largest expenses.  The SPONSOR A MEAL campaign allows fans, alumni, and supporters to contribute directly towards the cost of feeding our members while they are on are on the road. 


Sponsoring a meal - hydrating and feeding 150 hungry and tired corps members and staff costs around $1,200 every day for Sports Drinks, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack.  Although membership dues cover a portion of this during the summer, they do not cover it all.  

This is where you come in, by choosing to help "Sponsor a Meal" you are helping defray the costs of meals which allows Spirit of Atlanta to serve exceptional, nutritious meals to our members.  You can participate by sponsoring any of the following once or on a regular schedule:

  • Our Daily Bread - $45
  • Sports Drink for the Day- $75
  • Snack- $150
  • Breakfast- $250
  • Lunch- $400
  • Dinner- $400
  • All Day- $1,200

To express our gratitude, Spirit of Atlanta posts your name on our mobile kitchen's white-board so members KNOW they are being supported by people who care.  If Lunch or Dinner are sponsored, we will post a photograph of the corps members showing their gratitude by recognizing your gift.  If meals are sponsored for an entire day you will also receive a personal thank you letter signed by the youth leadership.

You'll feel great about helping our members as they live the positive and life changing experiences that drum corps offers.

Thank you!