Carpool Information

All members are expected to provide or find their own transportation to and from all camps and rehearsals.

To aid you in that process, we have established a carpool system that will help you to find rides with corpsmates who you could share rides with.  This is REQUIRED for everyone who will be flying in and out of Atlanta for camps.

If you are flying, here are the steps to follow:

  • Submit a TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION FORM to lets us know about your arriving and departing flight
  • Go to our CARPOOL WEB PAGE
  • Look for available spots in cars that are “Passing Airport”. The graphics show the number of available seats in each car.
  • Click JOIN CAR to add your name to that cars list of passengers.
  • Send an email to person you have signed up to ride with.  Make sure you exchange phone numbers and have a specific meetup point and time.
  • If there are no cars on the list that line up with your Arrival or Departure times, select “Join Waitlist”.  As soon as a ride is made available for you, you will be contacted.

If you have any issues finding a carpool, or you experience any changes to your flight after you’ve arranged your carpool, immediately contact our transportation coordinator Ellen Abney at 770.328.0903