Camp Season wraps, Spirit prepares for Spring Training

Spirit of Atlanta recently completed back-to-back weekend rehearsal camps, and are well on schedule to begin our 2017 Sprint Training with a running start.  Taking advantage of scheduling opportunities that allowed for the dual camps, the corps has aggressively begun preparations for the season by installing a large portion of the drill, putting them in a great position to lead into the all-day rehearsals that begin May 26th.  Director Chris Moore has spoken out about the corps’ progress in a message to the Spirit family and supporters.

Spirit Friends,

Here’s a quick update for you. We just concluded two very productive back to back weekend camps and we are very happy with where the corps is right now. In addition to selecting and setting the color guard members, we were able to get a great deal of work on getting the first 3 Acts of the show on the field. The percussion section learned over 90 pages of drill, brass over 80 and color guard over 60. We also had a chance to dig in a little more on the music book and do full ensemble on 5 of the 6 Acts in the show.

Having our full design team together those two camps gave us the opportunity to take a step back, evaluate what we are doing and make sure the production trajectory we set is still in play. And it is.  The new Adams horns sound amazing, are extremely resonant and are playing great. New percussion and sound equipment is on the way and uniforms will be next.  Next up is a 4 evening pre-move in camp for horns and percussion followed by Spring Training move-ins May 26. Four weeks later we will be on the road.

I hope you get a chance to come out and see your corps. Show announcement coming soon.

Go Baby Blue!



You can see some of the highlights in photos from the camps on our Facebook Page